How to Convert a Piece of Video to an Animated Png File

Tips on how to convert a bit of video to an apng file. Balloon PNG, and it is a true-color alternative for the favored animated gif. Thus far apng is supported by Firefox3 and Opera 9.5. To transform a video clip to an apng file, you might convert it into picture sequences with Mplayer at first. The picture sequences might be scaled, cropped and transformed to an animated png file with mplayer and apng assemblers. To learn the next steps, customers ought to have some fundamentals about command-line immediate in Home windows To start out a command-line immediate in Home windows, it is best to 1: click on on the Begin Menu; 2. click on on the Run possibility; 3: Sort cmd ; 4: click on on the OK button. The listing of mplayer’s binary information ought to be added to the PATH surroundings variable too.

Use a video participant reminiscent of Mplayer to play the supply video, and attempt to discover the attention-grabbing a part of your video.

Minimize the video and convert it into picture sequences (png) with the favored Mplayer. e.g. mplayer video.avi -vo png -ss 00:00:10 -endpos 5.0 (minimize 5 seconds out of video.avi from 10.0s to 15.0s)

Crop (optionally available)
Use photoshop or gimp to open considered one of these png photographs, and discover the attention-grabbing area.
Use mplayer to crop the video.

e.g. mplayer video.avi -vo png -ss 00:00:10 -endpos 5.0 -vf crop=480:360:80:60 The crop space is a 480×360 rectangle starting from (80,60). Convert

Now you should utilize any apng assembler to transform these photographs to an animated png file now. To get a smaller apng file, you should utilize Jtvmaker and set 15bit colour output in its high quality pane. Through the use of 15bit colour, dimension of the ultimate apng file might be lowered by about 50%. The output of jtvmaker ought to be set to “Apng animation”. Sleeptime ought to be set to 40ms for 25fps animation. The apng possibility ought to be mix or overlap. Cross-fade loop animation can be supported in Jtvmaker too. Writer: stevpan